Cor blimey guvnor, Mario’s next stop in Mario Kart Tour will be London

Mario Kart Tour is coming to Blighty.

For his next time-limited event, Mario’s hopping across the pond to take in the sights and sounds of London for the next leg of the Mario Kart Tour. Along with a new London-centric track you can expect to see two new characters – take a peek at their silhouettes below – plus matching gear, such as karts and gliders.

“Can’t wait to hear the latest on what’s coming up in #MarioKartTour?” teases a tweet on the official Twitter account. “Then we have good news! Starting on 12/3 at 10pm PT, take a trip across the pond to London, the capital city of England! And get ready for two drivers to be added to the spotlight pipe! Who could it be?”

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Author: rektesports