The Double-A Team: Brisk and stylish, The Adventures of Tintin is a film tie-in to cherish

The Double-A Team is a newish feature series honouring the unpretentious, mid-budget, gimmicky commercial action games that no-one seems to make any more.

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Film tie-ins, with a few legendary exceptions, are all members of the Double-A Team. The budgets will not do, in most cases, but also the spark of inspiration is borrowed, second-hand. Someone had a great idea for a film – hopefully – but that’s not the same as having a great idea for a game. Then there’s the question of fitting it into the timeline. Do you try to restage the film’s big sequences, or do you Rosencrantz and Guildenstern your way through the plot’s absences, jumping from one off-screen moment to the next?

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Author: rektesports